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Mr. and Mrs. Bond

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Julian California, Julian California Photographer, Julian California Wedding, Jullian Engagement shoot

Hello Hello! I wanted to share this love story with you... probably my most important client I've ever had or will have. My brother.

When my brother asked me to do their engagement shoot I was so honored but yes, I was scared shitless because my brother has always had very high expectations from everything. But you know what, this is why I admire him.

San Diego Engagement Shoot, Mountains Engagement Shoot, Windsor Shoot,

Just like I ask all my other clients, I asked him what type of landscape was he gravitated to the most. They both agreed Mountains. He has a background of biking and this was something that he felt that it was his natural habitat and his fiancé is very bohemian chic so It fit perfectly.

The day consistent of getting lost and went up and downhill on random dirt roads he found on GPS. It was definitely an adventure. We had some inspiration photos we both found on google/instagram my normal go to's and we just winged it.

Julian California Engagement Shoot, Julian Photographer, Julian Engagement

About the shoot:

Location: Julian, California

Dress by: Windsor

Something I have recently started to incorporate it's my use of light and dark tones.

This was something that I know it sounds silly but my thought before was no! I want everything to be moody and dark. However I learned that this was not something that my clients wanted and also that there's was ways to make photos look moody, without necessarily making all the photos appear with darker colors.

WINDSOR DRESS, Julian Engagement Shoot, San Diego Engagement Shoot, San Diego Wedding Photographer

It is fundamental to have a mixture of tones in order to have a full story covered. This gives the photo shoot cohesiveness. But anyways I just started implementing this and I thank the LORD for who ever suggested this because my work has improved DRAMATICALLY.

It's all these little details that put a story together.

Flower Crown, Genessee Florist, Flower Crown, San Miguel De Allende Inspired Shoot

Knowing my brother obviously ever since I was born, this was particularly extra special for me to do for both my brother and my sister in law. I wanted to make sure that they both loved the way they look.

I stopped psyching myself out and decided to allow myself to go with the flow. I just let them have fun, talk to each other incorporated my niece in the shots. Everything from there on just had a natural flow.

Overall I wanted to document adventure I wanted to document a love story that was genuine and something new. I know them both personally, I don't think I've ever seen them look so happy and in love. Not just because it was a photo shoot but because they were both just so excited that the day was finally here..

I feel so blessed to have both a brother that is such a strong role model in my life and a new sister.

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