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Hey Moon Children,


Call me Mr. Moonbright. Yes, it's my Sasha fierce (if you get the reference you’re too cool). A little bit about myself: I’ve been doing photography since I was in high school, and decided to switch career paths from dentistry to wedding photography. Random, I know, but I have always been very fascinated by people's unique, beautiful smiles, so I guess it makes sense. I graduated from The Art Institute of San Diego with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Photography, and that’s when things took a turn for me. I learned a lot from this school, but mainly, I obtained all the content and confidence necessary for my art. My main focus when I photograph is to capture effortless yet romantic moments (almost like a cheesy rom com, but even cheesier because we all need our own rom com in life).I am a firm believer in what it means to us human beings to not just to fall in Love, but to remain in Love. Our main goal is to capture this phenomenon in its different expressions and ways.

To capture True Love.

I started taking pictures and watching film when I was a teenager, and that became the onset of my never-ending relationship with visual arts and storytelling. My psychology major was not enough to satisfy a boundless curiosity I have always had about life and human relationships, so I decided to also pursue a Studio Arts major at San Diego State University. I was raised in Tijuana Mexico, and have always believed in the importance of sharing different perspectives through stories, and showcasing different forms of capturing our world. Photography has allowed me to capture the purest essence behind people’s faces, and to capture the sometimes overlooked moments in time that make a story captivating and beautiful. I believe that Love is a human experience and an art form in itself that deserves uttermost observation, appreciation, and consciousness. I also love animals, traveling, nature, and the taste of a good old cup of coffee. If not then red wine :).

My name is Chantal Ramirez (but you can call me Ms. Moondance to really capture my spirit in this moon dance). I was born and raised in San Diego, CA and I attended San Diego State University where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. I've worked in branding and marketing for various industries from hospitality, tech, health and wellness, and more. I've always been a grand lover of creating meaningful, strong connections with the people that cross my path. Being an avid storyteller, something truly lights up inside of me as I explore human connections and their dynamic relationships with each other through photography. After all, you chose each other, and we're incredibly grateful to dedicate our time, energy, and creativity to document a day full of love, and magic.    

Our Vision

We photograph True Love in its most genuine, natural form, in an intimate setting suitable for Moon Lovers who seek an adventurous, innermost experience amongst nature. We truly believe that our vibe is our tribe, and we live for the moments to allow you to be your authentic selves as the beauty and magic in your energy unfolds through our lens.

Our goal is to create images with deeper, artistic meaning, one without a shelf-life, and one that causes feelings that endure a lifetime. At the same time, we're here to have a wildly fun + adventurous time, and we want to make you feel as comfortable as possible by being our true selves while sharing our passions for love, and life.

Some of our favorite things on earth are capturing raw love stories full of depth and beauty, those which encompass the essence of your passion, love, and adventurous spirits. Let's make your Moonlight Dreams come true and document your authentic love in your favorite place in the

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