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Mr. Moonbright



Hey guys!

Well, here we are talking about myself again which is something that I normally love doing. A little background about me, I started doing photography in high school I wasn't as outgoing as I am now and I felt like the camera was a way to narrate and illustrate life the way I saw it, from there I decided to invest into my education and do it professionally. I enrolled in The Art Institute of San Diego and got my bachelors and from there on it became a mixture of exposing myself to all forms of photography until I met a very influential person in my life who introduced me to the destination wedding world, three years later and a weird strange journey to say the least here I am.

Dreams do come true!


Our Vision

 True Love in its most genuine, natural form, in an intimate setting suitable for Moon Lovers who seek an adventurous, innermost experience amongst nature. I truly believe that our vibe is our tribe, and we live for the moments to allow you to be your authentic selves as the beauty and magic in your energy unfolds through our lens.

My goal is to create images with deeper, artistic meaning, one without a shelf-life, and one that causes feelings that endure a lifetime. At the same time, I want to have a wildly fun + adventurous time, and want to make you feel as comfortable as possible by being our true selves while sharing our passions for love, and life.

My favorite thing on earth is to capture raw love stories full of depth and beauty, those which encompass the essence of your passion, love, and adventurous spirits. Let's make your Moonlight Dreams come true and docu
ment your authentic love in your favorite place in the world!

Let's Chat!

More about about You + The Moonlight...

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