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Say yes to heaven

Maternity shoot with Monica

San Diego Maternity Photographer

For this shoot I wanted to showcase Monica in the most natural free spirited and effortlessly sexy way. I find it very easy nowadays to direct women during their maternity shoots, I think I have learned the most important thing with photography is to be able to connect with your subject. If you can get someone to feel comfortable around you are going to get the best natural shots. Almost like you're not there.

There's something so powerful about black and white images, they feel like a still from a classic movie to me. With not so much color or noise to distract us from what we're really seeing. Just pure Magic.

The Mountains of Missions Trails San Diego, California were singing for you girl. Seeing you glowing brighter than the sun that day was everything.

I could say that nature and pregnancy just go hand in hand together it's almost like Mother Nature asked for this herself. It's like she created these beautiful landscapes in order to highlight the most beautiful things, creating life.

I know a place where the mountains sing and you can run away into paradise, all it takes is a little extra courage to believe in miracles because creating a little miracle already is a miracle of its own and I'm here to freeze those moments in time.

Maybe when your little one grows up to be just like you and wants to visit this magical land you can show her the same.


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