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To The Moon & Back

Alex & Jessica

Under the veil wedding photography

It's like something out of the movies.......

This type of love

Bride first look photo

Alright let's have a little moment to discuss this..

Do we do a first look, behind the scenes or do we not?

Does this moment defeat the surprise element when walking down the aisle or is it ultimately just a preference thing?

But really I find this topic a very interesting topic yet a little confusing because yes, I totally see both sides of this discussion and agree with both. I think on my wedding I would like to wait until the moment comes to walk down the aisle but I would like to have a personal moment with someone I love dearly, a sneak peek but probably not with my partner with someone else in my family or that kind of thing. I think this moment definitely doesn't affect the flow of a wedding or the surprise element it comes down on the dynamic of each couple and what makes the day feel more like your day.

Overall it allows another intimate moment to be photographed without any noise or distraction from others and with this moment you're able to say your vows to each other before saying in front of your audience. Think about it as a rehearsal before the big one, which can help you not blow it up in front of 50+ people

Just saying :D

San Diego Bay Wedding

I label these type of photos in my photo galleries always "The Wolfpack" because this is exactly what I want it to represent your pack of wolves that follow you like the Moon.

Wedding dress details

It's all about the details

San Diego Wedding Florals- Genesee Florist

Fun fact I've known Jessica for about seven years now and in a super random way. I started taking circus acrobatic courses and she has been my instructor ever since. We connected right away and knew that when the time came I would be the one to photograph their wedding. I'm glad we crossed paths and were able to connect this much before her big day because this was more of a personal thing for me.

Overall for me this has been my biggest lesson, finding a way to not only be a photographer but to connect with my clients like family and take each and every one of their special moments as a personal invitation into their life. Documenting someones core memories with a personal touch breaks barriers and allows you to document it as you would if they were part of your family and that to me is beautiful.


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