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Welcome to the jungle

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

There's a place I know close to the heaven and almost touching the sky, somewhere where there's only laughter and smiles. A place where you feel you can be yourself yet also play a character from a really good movie. This place is called Puerto Vallarta Mexico BABY!

Hotel Mousai is as close as you get to heaven

Mike+Lauren's wedding was that exactly, let's take a moment and relive this again!

During the wedding preparations is important to squeeze in a moment with your crew to take some photos vibing not so much structure

This technique has been something I've learned and I swear by because when it's time to be photograph during the ceremony everyone feels more comfortable in front of the camera and I am able to capture more genuine moments and not feel so forced or uncomfortable.

Girls just want to have fun

Having a moment with all of your important people in your wedding party is crucial and organization is key in order to get the shots as quick and as effortlessly as possible. I notice that people respond the best and are photographed the best when you're organized and straight forward. I always ask for a certain pose but then also always encourage people to talk to each other during the shots, to allow more natural movement in shots.

It's all show business

One of the highlights of my life.

Being able to capture all these amazing people in multiple locations allowed more magical memories to occur effortlessly. It's always important to capture the textbook shots from the list as traditional as needed, however when we go outside the box or for example in this case on a carousel people's personalities truly shine and get fun shots like these.

***Obviously all goofy fun here only, no one is actually strangling each other :P


Lucky number seven

Hands down one of the most delicious and beautiful menu presentations.

Once again the key is to put detail into tactile objects, something as simple as a wooden name tag, completely elevates the look and presentation.

Before sunset lighting

Night time lighting;

It's funny how lighting transforms everything, it almost felt like it was a sky full of stars

Amazing transformation by the greatest on earth

I remember the way everyone just froze and seemed like time stood still, the music was playing loudly and felt like everything else was silent. Even nature seemed to be at a stand, there was nothing else in the world that matter but only you two finally having your moment to dance under the moonlight.

I can move on in life knowing that I capture the true essence of this beautiful love story, seeing you all so happy shining bright like diamonds in the night sky and being able to capture this moment with your father Lauren was the extra sparkle I needed to say, I went to the moon and you guys came along.

And they lived happily ever after

Planning + Design: Simply Classic Events

Hair + Make up: Divas by Lya

Floral + Rentals: Mac Events

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